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"Merlot and Malvasia - this is POETRY"
Mature and Fresh Wines.


Our GUŠTIN Wines 

Malvasia - fresh


Merlot - fresh


Malvasia - mature


Merlot - mature


In the cellar we produce wine in stainless steel containers and barrique French oak casks.
We have a line featuring a young Merlot with a white label, and a line of mature Merlot with a black label, which is sold after 5 years maturation.

We also produce a mature Malvasia, which matures in barrique barrels under the black label. However, our most extensive range is the young Malvasia line, matured in stainless steel vats carrying a white label.  For the most part, our customers enjoy our young lines for everyday drinking, while Guštin wine is also produced for those more special moments with a black label.

Both lines have received many awards and recognitions from various evaluations and over several consecutive years, such as being selected by the Sommelier of Slovenia 2017, AGRA gold medals as well as various silver awards, while not forgetting that our customers are also
extremely happy with our wines.

Kmetija Kerstin Žižmond

Potok pri Dornberku 6a
SI-5294 Dornberk


Phone: +386 51 626 777