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Tastings - Wine


Anyone who wants to learn more about the country and its people will learn a lot from a glass of its wine. Walking amongst the wooden barrels, we will present you with a wonderful story about the creation of a wine that is trapped in the cobwebs of the past.
You and your friends will receive a warm welcome at our pleasant tasting room, where up to 50 people at a time can enjoy the wine in pleasant surroundings. We also have a small tasting house near the vineyard and olive groves, in the shade by the forest. When tasting, as the people of Vipava do, we will happily serve you homemade bread, olive oil, cold cuts, lunch or dinner with lamb or pork from our barbecue. Our Guštin wines will make you feel at home, arouse your senses and  cheer the spirit.

The Guštin wine cellar is in Bilje. In the cellar we have a large tasting room. We also offer tastings by the vineyard and olive grove, in pleasant shade by the forest in Bukovica where we also have a tasting house.


  • For reservations call
  • Viljem on +386 51-626-777
  • or Tomaž on +386 40-337-775,
  • or you can write to us by
  • email at
  • We will be delighted to welcome you.
Kmetija Kerstin Žižmond

Potok pri Dornberku 6a
SI-5294 Dornberk


Phone: +386 51 626 777