You will enjoy a truly wonderful experience with us in the cellar, where you can buy Guštin wines during your tasting and guided
tour of the wine cellar.


Guštin wines are normally offered primarily through catering establishments and we try to provide you  with as many places as possible where Guštin wines can be obtained. 
If you have a catering establishment, or if you know someone who might be interested in having Guštin wines as part of their  range, then please get in touch with us.

In cooperation with various distributors in Slovenia and abroad, we want to bring Guštin wines nearer to you,  or to your favourite venue.

Of course, wines can be picked-up personally or can be ordered, and appointments can also be arranged.  Wines are available in bottles 0.75L bottles, boxed with 6 bottles each, 
A pallet contains 110 boxes or 660 bottles.

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