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"Guštin wines are simply good."


Joahim Žižmond Guštin


The story of Guštin wines dates back to 1898, when, at Nančka's homestead in the village of Volčja Draga, Joachim Žižmond, or Guštin to his friends, began writing his story. In his early youth, grandfather Guštin planted his first vines, first a Merlot and then a Malvasia. There was no shortage of good wine in his cellar and he always said

"Merlot and Malvasia - this is poetry."

Guštin's story then continued with his son Ivan and his grandson Viljem, but it only truly flourished when his great-granddaughter Kerstin.

Guštin wine is the harmony of its sunny position on the Biljenski hills and fresh air from the hinterland of Trnovski gozd. It's like a song of grape pickers who pick the golden grapes off its slopes. When, after the careful and patient work of the cellar keepers, the excellent GUŠTIN WINE glitters in a glass and all the efforts of the GUŠTIN winemakers come to fruition.


The "GUŠTIN" MERLOT wine ripens on 60 year-old vines. Ripe grapes are macerated and put into oak barrels where they rest and mature. The minimal yield in terms of quantity provides exceptional quality and a unique wine flavour. 

The "GUŠTIN" MALVAZIJA wine is a harmony of the vine: acacia, when in bloom, combined with aromatic hay. The wine is lightly macerated and matured in oak barrels yet it still retains a fresh and delicate taste. When they planted the vine in the limestone of the Biljenski hills, they assumed that it would thrive. However, they were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the white and red wines produced. Now we know that the reason for this is the soil which is full of rich minerals giving the wine a magical taste.


Today, the Guštin winery comprises more than 5 hectares of vineyards on which the Merlot and Malvasia vines are planted exclusively. We produce wines of the Malvasia and Merlot varieties, according to procedures established by of our great-grandfather Guštin, who first planted these varieties on our hill. The Guštin vineyards are located on the outskirts of the Biljenski hills to the south, and are soaked by the sun from the moment it rises to the moment it sets behind the wonderful Biljenski hills, which are the largest Slovene vineyards in one location and have as many as 260 ha of vineyard area. The vines are fertilized using organic fertilizers, we mow under them, we nurture them with loving care and in the autumn, we pick the grapes by hand, as our great-grandfather Guštin used to do more than 120 years ago. 


In the cellar you will find a large tasting room. We also offer tastings by the vineyard and the olive grove, in pleasant shade by the forest in Bukovica where we have a tasting house. 

Kmetija Kerstin Žižmond

Potok pri Dornberku 6a
SI-5294 Dornberk


Phone: +386 51 626 777